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Al Ansar offers a high standard of accommodation in the heart of Medina. There are 296 4-star hotel rooms and suites available, many with sweeping city views.

All rooms include a private bathroom with shower, free Wi-Fi access, a flat-screen TV, and comfortable bedding. Accommodation is air-conditioned, and a minibar is included for your convenience.

The Approach

Our focus was singular: craft a campaign that communicated the superior experience offered by a Ansar Hotel, which motivated customers to engage and convert.

184% increase in CTR

45%decrease in CPA

Showcasing Events

To boost event requests, visitors to Ansar Hotels website first had to understand why they should book their event at the hotel in first place.

To solve for this, we built out new event-focused landing pages on the Ansar Hotels’ website, as well as a robust paid media campaign.

Together, these brought attention to an aspect of Ansar Hotels many were not familiar with: its collection of transitional, elegant spaces perfect for all of life’s important gatherings.

Refined AdWords Efforts

To further bolster The Ansar Hotels’ engagement efforts, the VOUS team revamped the brand’s Google AdWords approach. We narrowed our targeting to capture higher-performing audiences to maximize the efficiency of spend.

We concentrated spend on searches where we could reach consumers at the moment of intent — right when they are most likely to convert – to further increase the impact of our ad spend.


Getting customers to see the beauty and majesty of The Ansar Hotels was the easy part – what we had to do was put those moments front-and-center at the right time.

In addition to the impact on CTR and CPA, our efforts drove up conversion rates by 38% and decreased cost per click by 21%.

In the end, the result is a happier, healthier Pierre Hotel. It’s a well-deserved boost to a time-honored establishment, and we couldn’t be happier with our role in furthering its rich legacy.

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